I’m a busy guy and I’m involved with a lot of things. These are the biggest projects I’ve got going on at this time:

BCMO Ventures

I run a content publication business where I build and hold online properties that produce relatively passive income from display ads and affiliate sales. I also dabble in small business website development and content marketing consultancy on a limited basis.

To see my public portfolio of BCMO Ventures assets see https://bcmoventures.com.

Mounts Bowling

I am a tournament caliber bowler who has flirted around the edges of going pro for a number of year. I have been bowling since the mid-90’s and know more about the game than the vast majority of the population.

You can learn more about what I do on the lanes and learn more about the game of bowling on my site https://www.mountsbowling.com.

The Klamath County Medical Society

I’ve served on the board of the Klamath County Medical Society (KCMS) as treasurer since 2017. The society is a social group of medical professionals (and their partners) who are interested in learning more about the needs of the local community and serving them better.

KCMS is an organization that has existed for well over 50 years and counting.

Klamath Falls Church of the Nazarene

I grew up in the Nazarene church and went to a Nazarene college for my undergratuate studies. These days I am a member of the local Church of the Nazarene. I have served on it’s board in the past and currently serve as their webmaster and as a part time vocalist on the worship team.

You can learn more about the local church at https://kfnazarene.org/.