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I'm involved in a number of projects both online and off. The following are some of the most prominent projects in my life today.

Mounts Bowling

The Mounts Bowling BlogI've been an avid bowler since my teenage years. For a number of years I even held a PBA membership. These days I don't really bowl professionally but I do still compete locally and in a number of national amateur events. is my site dedicated to my own bowling exploits. It also covers some industry news and information as I see fit.

BM Online Marketing

I've been self-employed since the Spring of 2012 and have started into an online marketing consultancy business.

This is a new project for me. It has little if nothing to do with my work at Union Bank but it is something that I've become quite involved in over the past few years working as an internet entrepreneur and publisher.

For the time being will be a work-in-progress project where I will likely spend my time courting local businesses in the Klamath Falls area.
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