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/ Tuesday, April 6, 2010 /
My last post I highlighted my trip to Auberry to see my dad’s new church, the Auberry Nazarene Fellowship and to the USBC Nationals and how I unfortunately had to go it alone as my lovely wife was not able to get away. Last weekend however I was finally able to take some time with my favorite lady on a little weekend getaway of our own. We drove out to Phoenix to see my uncle get married and then to head off to Arizona wine country down in Senoita, AZ for some wine tasting and sightseeing. The goal of course was to sample never before tasted wine from Southern Arizona and to see my old stomping grounds from high school which I hadn’t been back to for at least 10 years… and Flor had never seen.

The trip was definitely a ton of fun and we even got to spend some time with my cousin Eric who I also hadn’t seen in a very long time. He introduced us to his two kids and his long-time girlfriend and we got to see his awesome house which he just picked up off the foreclosure market. Man, if anything would make you want to move to Phoenix this would be it; the price of real estate. :) But then again, it’s nice being a few miles from the ocean so I think we’re doing OK.

The highlight of the trip was of course the nuptials which Flor and I took a few pictures of. My sister was even caught in this awesome dress with ruffles. We all loved it.

Early Sunday morning Flor and I headed out of Phoenix area to go rough it at the Xanadu Hybrid Bed & Breakfast Horse Motel down in Senoita, AZ.

Yeah, I know, the name sounds crazy but seriously the place was fantastic. It was our first experience staying in a B&B and definitely our first experience staying at a horse motel. :) Obviously we had some fun visiting with the horses on the ranch and kicked back for a perfect Monday evening watching the sun go down over a bottle of wine from the Kief-Joshua Vineyards.

Anyway, I am really excited about the vineyards we visited especially since they are all so new. Only a handful of the 10 active vineyards in the area are producing wine from their own fruit yet and only one, the Rancho Rossa Vineyard, is producing it completely from their own fruit. Interestingly enough most of the wines we tasted from Rancho Rosa were our favorites, which is nice because it was the local fruit. They all tasted very earthy.

Rancho Rosa also featured an awesome couple of Basset Hounds that really brought fond memories back of my dog Snick. One of their Bassets was named Shadow and they named their dessert wine after him. Of course we took some pictures.

Anyway; I’m really looking forward to going back and trying out these vineyards again, especially in a few more years when their blends will be packed with more local fruit and the accommodations of the town expand to accommodate more tourists. For now there’s not much in the town but man, it sure is relaxing. I definitely recommend anyone who likes wine or the country to head out to Xanadu Ranch, the best Senoita bed and breakfast that I’ve ever stayed in.

Anyway, we ended up the trip by swinging through Sierra Vista and seeing my old high school and taking a tour through Tombstone, home of many dead cowboys and outlaws, and spending some time Tuesday morning at Lake Pategonia, whicj I didn't even know existed until this past weekend.  Maybe next time we'll jump on a boat and go fishing.  I can't wait, I'm always thinking about the next vacation. :)

A toast: Here’s to vacationing with the wife! It sure beats hitting up Reno by myself.  Enjoy a few more pics.

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