Trip To Auberry And USBC Nationals In Reno

/ Friday, March 19, 2010 /
It's definitely been a while since I posted here in this blog; I've been spending a lot more of my time lately over on Facebook and on other blogging projects around the web lately. Most notably I've been working on my bowling blog a lot as I've neglected it a ton since setting it up last year.

If you recall I decided to separate my bowling blog posts from this blog and put them on a site dedicated strictly to my bowling related activities. Of course this was simpler said than done as I can't have duplicated posts on both this site and that one and neither can I just delete posts here as many of my old bowling posts touched on things that had nothing to do with bowling.

Anyway, recently I took a trip to Reno, NV for another attempt at the USBC Nationals. If you've made it over to Mounts Bowling you might have been following along already however most of you probably haven't. My latest post over there however is my tournament recap for the event and an index of all posts related to the bowling trip. Check it out if you have the time; there's plenty of video and pictures available for your pleasure: USBC Nationals 2010 Recap.

In addition to hitting up the tournament in Reno I also took some time to stop by my dad's Nazarene church in Auberry which I posted on in December. He's been there for roughly 3 months now and things are getting settled. I met a couple people in the church and took a look at there new logo and sign which is being unveiled in the next few weeks. The church will now be known as the Auberry Nazarene Fellowship.

It looks like I have a new project to start on in the coming weeks too as I'll be whipping up a website for the church and their daycare. I'll be sure to link to it later on to get feedback from everybody.

Anyway, to quickly summarize the trip; I had a great time but I ended up spending about 24 hours in the car over 5 days by myself. Unfortunately Flor was not able to get away from the hospital as she's deeply entrenched in surgery rotations at the hospital. I forgot what it was like to vacation without her and I look forward to her being able to join me again. Next year she better be there! :)

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