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/ Sunday, December 6, 2009 /

Please Forgive the Quality I’m Not a Photographer

So October and November have come and gone and I haven’t updated this site in a while. I guess now is an excellent time to do so though because I have great news from the family.

My father who’s been looking to take on another church for a while now was just installed as the new head pastor at the Auberry Church of the Nazarene in Auberry California on Sunday. Flor and I had a great time visiting with her family and my family for Thanksgiving last week and then we were treated with a nice surprise by being able to witness the installation of my dad as the pastor on Sunday.

Mel Rich, the Nazarene central district’s superintendent, and his wife showed up for the occasion and installed my dad during the service. Though I’ve grown up as a pastor’s kid my whole life I cannot for the life of me remember watching this ceremony happen before. Sure there was little pomp and circumstance but the formality was there and it was a nice time.

Seeing as though my old roommate and San Diego photographer Aaron wasn’t able to attend Flor and I were left to our own devices in capturing the event on film.

I remembered to bring my old digital camera to take some photos but unfortunately the camera is starting to suck battery life out of the device while it’s not being used so the following pictures were taken between our respective cell phones. Regardless you should get the idea here about the church.

It’s up in the mountains of the central valley; it’s a small congregation with very friendly people. The building is a little dated but looks nice and the property is huge and beautiful. I look forward to returning once the dust settles and my dad gets things rolling in the new church.

I don’t have too much else to say but I wanted to publish these photos for the few people out there desperately looking for them. :) Don’t you all go and jam the servers OK. :) The following photo slideshow includes pictures of the church, inside and out, the pastoral installation ceremony, and the grounds including parsonage. Enjoy!

And next time you’re heading up to Shaver Lake, stop by Auberry and worship with everyone there at the Mountain Gathering Place, Church of the Nazarene.

Auberry Nazarene Church Photographs

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Not into the slideshow thing: Check out the individual Auberry Church of the Nazarene pictures.

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