Atlantic and Pacific Blue Tangs

/ Thursday, August 6, 2009 /
Today, Flor and I finally ridded ourselves of our "starter fish" and upgraded to some more interesting fish. This whole process began last weekend when we were unfortunate enough to think that we could introduce a Tang into our small saltwater tank with our four Damselfishes. This did not work out as the Damselfishes decided to torment the Tang to death.

After days of trying to rid our tank of the Damselfishes we finally caught them and returned them to the store. These little buggers were incredibly difficult right up until then end as we were not able to catch them until we pulled all of our live rock from the tank.

Anyway, after the ordeal was over, and after the fish store exchange today, we now have two new fish who are non-aggressive herbivores. We picked up two small Tang's, an Atlantic Blue Tang and a Pacific Blue Tang. The Atlantic Tang is yellow while still young and will eventually turn blue as they get bigger and older. We'll look forward to that happening as our family grows up. For visual stimulation please enjoy these stock photos of our two Tangs:

The Atlantic Blue Tang (blue is old yellow is young.)

The Pacific Blue Tang

Next time you stop by the house make sure to say hi to our newest additions!

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