Ron Paul's Audit of the Federal Reserve

/ Wednesday, July 8, 2009 /
A little over a week has passed since I last offered the dire outlook for the American dollar as posed by the misc people who produce quality YouTube videos. That video posed the possibility of hyperinflation. This video via Yahoo's Tech Ticker is another along the same lines. Though it doesn't talk specifically about the consequences of current policy it does discuss Ron Paul's attempt to audit the fed. This makes sense to me as I am an auditor by trade and especially since these are extreme times economically. Ron Paul has been warning of these kinds of actions for years now and it's interesting to see him getting more and more publicity as I think many people are finding his thoughts to be plausible.

In a related note, Peter Schiff is considering running for office for the 2010 Senate elections. This just goes to show us that the credibility of those that warned us of financial disaster is growing day by day.

Ron Paul's Attempt To Audit The Fed

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