Experimenting With SEO - Part 2

/ Tuesday, June 23, 2009 /
Last month I spent a good deal of time discussing some of the interesting things I was learning about Search Engine Optimization. I related the information directly to the one post in my site which is the most popular of them all; my review of and desire to purchase a Sony Ericsson HCB-150 car speaker phone. In the first post int his series I attempted to do some editing of the post in question to see if I could optimize it for increased traffic. I ended up linking directly to the post with anchored text as well as editing some of the content of the old popular post to include more keywords and heading tags in the content section. It’s been a good deal of time now since this experiment and so I figured I’d take a minute to run a quick analysis and see if there has been any uptick in traffic to this page.

In a nut shell, there’s been essentially no long-term change in activity to this page, however, there was a surge in activity for the two weeks or so after I made the SEO post in May and edited the HCB-150 page. During that two week period traffic was up nearly 50 percent before volume fell back to normal pre-experiment levels. The two weeks before the post the page had 19 visitors and the 14 days after the post the page had 31 visitors. Now I’m not sure if this is statistical noise or a simple coincident but it is a correlation.

Since my initial foray into SEO I have read and learned more about what to do and how to do it more effectively and one of the most notable things to do to increase search traffic is to do more internal linking so over the next few posts I’m going to try linking more often to some of my more popular pages just to see if I can find any further correlation in the search engines. This long-standing and slow-moving experiment should come in handy in the future as I start dabbling a little bit more significantly on the web and trying to do more than just documenting my life here on this site.

Currently the more popular pages on this blog, in addition to the aforementioned Bluetooth Headset post are my posts on the Cadillac Graveyard and Derek Paravicini, the blind, autistic pianist. I’m also going to try and highlight a few pages on this blog that are not all that popular and see if they do any better with some optimization such as my old book review of Alan Greenspan’s book; The Age of Turbulence. And my picture post of my new Brunswick Fury Pearl Bowling Ball.

In addition to optimizing these pages I intend on cleaning up the many other pages a bit more significantly, eliminating more personal matters, and linking between more of my old posts in hope that this will give the entire domain more favorability in the search engines. Stay tuned for the eventual part three in this SEO Series.

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