Stratosphere Thrill Rides - Video

/ Wednesday, May 20, 2009 /
It’s been over two months now I know but Flor and I enjoyed our time in Las Vegas at the USBC Nationals both on and off the lanes. Of course I put on a show of inconsistent achievement during the tournament and she showed me how to bowl after I purchased her her very own bowling ball and bag… but when we weren’t in a bowling center we had some fun seeing the sights.

We actually didn’t venture very far from our Hotel but we did walk around the Freemont Street Experience a little bit and we decided to hit up the Stratosphere. The sole reason for this visit was because neither Flor nor I had ever been inside the hotel let alone gone to the top of the needle. Anyway, long story short we rode up the elevator and took a gander at the strip from some 1000 feet in the sky. It was very beautiful up there but unfortunately for us the bar was closed and the rides were just too scary to consider enjoying. Yes, I know. We are chickens. Here’s the video:
The Top of the Stratosphere

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