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/ Friday, April 17, 2009 /
As I've been diligently working on cleaning up my blog and website over the past week or so I've actually gone back and re-read virtually every post I made on the topic of bowling. I've also started going back through many of my oldest posts on all other topics (mostly my personal journaling from my old Live Journal blog which has since been transferred over to this site) and I've been cleaning up a lot of these posts to fit a little nicer with the format of my newer entries. I like the look of justified margins and none of my old posts were aligned this way. Also, back in 2004 and 2005 I apparently didn't know how to utilize the spell check nor does it seem like I ever proof read my posts for grammar problems. A lot of these errors are finally getting fixed thanks to my recent ambition.

All of this reading however has really got me reminiscing on all the old friends that I have but don't see anymore and all of the fun times that I had back in my undergrad days. I know I didn't start blogging until after I had graduated but many of the people I spent time with were my friends from college and many of them were still there in '04 and '05. We had good times together back then and I miss them.

Beyond the sentimental, I also found myself looking back at a few old pictures and smiling wholeheartedly at them. I guess everybody does this from time to time so this is not earth-shattering but I have enjoyed reviewing some of the memories. I'm not going to elaborate any more but I will share a few of those good times below. Enjoy!

2001 - Venice with Doug Downing & Kevin Parker

2002 - Madrigal Dinner with Matt Sconce

2003 - SD Gulls Game with Erin Westgate and Klingons

2004 - Impromptu Dinner Party at Hotel Del with Friends

2005 - With Evan at a Schmidt's Place

2006 - Hanging with Chris and Brad

2007 - Rob being Rob with my Girl

2008 - Rich and Flor | 80's Party

Fun times... and don't we all miss this fantastic facial hair:

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