My Disease Is Spreading

/ Sunday, April 19, 2009 /
Last month while Flor and I were in Vegas for the USBC Open Championships we decided on the way out of town on Monday to visit the Orleans in an attempt to find some good Noodles... unfortunately we didn't notice the Japanese Noodle Bar in the casino until after we settled for the cafe. Grrr! Anyway, instead of just taking off we decided to join the Casino Club (or whatever it's called) and use the free game of bowling they provided for signing for some casual entertainment that afternoon. Of course we are nerds and decided to visit the pro shop upon entering the center and... well, the rest is history. We bought her a ball and a bag to complement the bowling shoes we bought for her last year. I'm pleased to announce, Flor is now officially a bowler. Here's the proof.

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