Continually Improving My Blog's Template

/ Thursday, April 16, 2009 /
In my free time the last few days I've been working significantly on tweaking my blog's template to maximize the viewing space for posts while making a navigation menu to make things a little easier on eye. I think I've done some good things; check it out and let me know.

Along those lines, these updates to the template are a part of my grander scheme to make my site more professional and pleasing to potential contacts I may make in the future. In one way I plan on upping the professionalism by organizing my posting a little better. In another way I plan on cleaning up some of my older posts that are not quite appropriate for publication anymore. Until now I've written on this blog about a broad spectrum of personal events, interests, and thoughts; I'm looking now to split up this site by it's main theme's and place some of those themes on a different site strictly devoted to those idea's. For now the only significant change will be my bowling information and commentary. In the future I may start working on a separate site for my financial related commentary but that is another job for a later date.

I have created a new site called Mounts Bowling where I've copied over all of my bowling posts to. Soon I will be deleting the bowling related posts on this site and editing down some of my older posts that touched on bowling as well as other less appropriate topics and opinions. After all I started writing on this site back in 2004 and much of what I wrote back then is not very interesting and/or professional either.

I do still plan on documenting much of my life here however so posts in the style of the the past couple years will likely continue into the foreseeable future.

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