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/ Monday, July 14, 2008 /
So I've been writing up monthly stock and ETF recommendation posts for about a year and a half now and though I've missed a few months I've found it quite enjoyable to test my stock picking prowess by keeping track of my performance over time and broadcasting the results to the world... or I should say the 10 people that read my blog consistently. :)

This month, probably due to the success I've had in beating the market (I'm 6 for 6) and the good feeling that brings, I decided to offer my latest stock picks to the masses by submitting my article to the Carnival of Personal Finance. The carnival hosts a weekly rundown of the best recently composed articles from all the various Personal Finance Bloggers out there and though I don't consider myself a Personal Finance Blogger, I do recognize that my monthly series is in the ballpark of applicable material. And wouldn't you know it, my article was approved and is included in this weeks installment, which is hosted by the Budgeting Babe.

If you've got some free time and would like to read some other personal finance articles that are written by others I recommend heading over to this latest carnival and checking out the vast array of articles covering just about every realm of personal finance. You don't have to read them all if you don't have the time or inclination but check it out and see if anything looks worthy of your time.

Some of my personal favorite articles from this weeks carnival include:
Of course I haven't had nearly enough time to read many of these so I'm sure some others will be on the top of my list by weeks end.

Once again, thanks again to the Budgeting Babe for including my post!

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