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/ Wednesday, July 2, 2008 /
I've been really enjoying myself lately as I've been learning a lot of CSS and HTML web design skills. If any of my routine readers have taken note of this site's re-design over the last few weeks you can obviously see what I'm talking about. It's almost hard to beleive that this site is hosted from Blogger for no money whatsoever as it looks nothing like blogger at all. It's funny, I have a domain name but I haven't associated it with this site because it's actually registered to my good friend and wedding photographer Aaron Riveroll. Maybe one day we'll transfer the domain to my name and then maybe I'll use it for this site.

Anyhow, the purpose of this post is just to make mention of a project that I started casually working on last fall, in which I have since re-worked it over the past few weeks and am so pleased with overall. My dad, as many close readers know, is a pastor in the Nazarene Church and he has been dabbling with starting a website for a while now as an additional outlet for his ministry. Funny thing is that my dad is still learning to use the computer so I've been handling the setup of the site and the design aspects of it. My dad puts the content together like nobody else could and I make it look good. Obviously my goal is to slowly and continuously teach my dad how to make the site look good himself so that I personally have less editing to do but for now I'm perfectly happy helping him out any way I can.

If you wanted to head over and check out my Dad's prayer blog and marvel at my site design abilities (which by the way was really just a modification of someone else's site design) then I'd appreciate your thoughts in return. I'm sure my dad would appreciate some feedback on his content as well as this is a new medium for him and he's still learning how to keep a blog.

Coincidentally, I just learned that my cousin Jess is learning a little web design for a class she's taking so I'm interested in taking a look at her creations when they go live.

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