Cruisin' Through Cadillac Cemetery on Route 66

/ Friday, July 25, 2008 /

The History of The Cadillac Cemetery

The Cadillac Cemetery, also known as Cadillac Stonehenge and The Cadillac Graveyard, is located just west of Amarillo, Texas, on famous Route 66. The cemetery is basically ten vintage automobiles all vertically half-buried into ground. The site can be seen from the highway. There is no parking lot but there is typically a number of travelers who have parked on the side of the road and walked out to see the cars up close. When Route 66 was replaced by I-40 a number of eye catching gimmicks, such as the Cadillac Cemetery, sprouted up to get the random traveler to stop and spend a few bucks. The owner of this land planted these Cadillacs, now covered with G-rated graffiti, but decided not to charge admission.

Seeing as though this is such an interesting stopping point and admission is free to the public, Flor, Kathleen and myself decided to stop on our way by and get a few pics up close. Enjoy! Flor enjoyed it especially.

Pictures of the Caillac Graveyard

Brian sitting atop a Cadillac at the Cadillac Graveyard

Flor checking out the undercarriage of a Cadillac

Kathleen posing with a Cadillac off Route 66

Just Cruisin' through Cadillac Cemetery...

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