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/ Friday, February 15, 2008 /
Best Life Magazine has been my favorite magazine for a while now. I've been a subscriber for a little over two years and I devour the magazine in a aday or two each time it arrives in the mail. I then proceed to reread a lot of the content throughout the month as I take it to work with me and lay it on my bed side table for bed time reading.

One of my favorite pages in the magazine is their Age Erasers - The Science of Staying Young section. I have a fondness for simple things and longevity so this section caters specifically to me as they feature between 5-10 easy things every month that help you stay young. For the sake of my enjoyment of this section I think I'm just going to regurgitate them from time to time here on my blog. So without furth ado, here some Age Erasers as stated from the Sept. '07 issue.

  1. "Taking too many vitamins increases your risk for fatal prostate cancer. A recent study conducted by the National Cancer Institue followed almost 300,000 men over five years and found that those who took multivitamins more than once a day along with additional supplements of zinc, beta-carotene, or selenium nearly doubled their risk for fatal prostate cancer. Despite the dangers of high doses, there was no risk associated with men who took a multivitamin once a day." (This is nice to know since I take a One-A-Day men's health multivitamin)
  2. "10% of deaths in America are caused by a sedentary lifestyle, according to Harvey B. Simon, MD, editor of the Harvard Men's Health Watch. He says that fewer than 25% of Americans get the excercise they need and suggets that walking one to three miles a day can give you the same health benefits as a cardio-heavy aerobic workout." (This too is nice to know as I bowl a couple times a week and walk to lunch at work often. Flor and I also just got an elliptical for the home so I think I'm doing OK.)
  3. "1.6% - Percentage of reduction in brain volume in people who have more than 14 drinks per week, according to neuroscientists at Wellsley College, MA." (I am pushing this limit as a bottle of wine has about 5 glasses worth split between me and my lady that's about 2 1/2 on a nights dinner with a bottle of wine. A few wines a week and I'm more than halfway there. Not to worry though, I don't need that extra 1.6% brain volume anyway.)

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