How do we fix the markets?

/ Thursday, January 24, 2008 /
I'm going to get a little political here so bear with me. I've decided that of all the presidential candidates I'm going to be supporting Ron Paul during this electoral season. Mostly because he is a Libertarian and shares very similar views as I do.

I've decided that the Republican vs. Democratic system just doesn't work for people like me. Fiscally speaking I'm very conservative which bodes well with the Republicans but socially speaking I'm fairly liberal which bodes well with the Democrats. Basically if I choose sides within the two-party system I'm choosing one of my belief systems over the other and that's just not cool.

Anyway, Paul, though running as Republican, hits both sides of my political beliefs as he is fiscally conservative and socially liberal... and most importantly very capitalistic. He's perfect for me... except he's a little bit more anti-foreign involvement than I care for but I can overlook that.

So with all the market turmoil these days he has just published his "Comprehensive Economic Revitalization Plan". I encourage you to read it as it will drastically differ from all other candidates. The main difference is (generally speaking) Paul looks to revitalize the economy for decades instead of quarters. All this short-term stimulus stuff that everybody is talking about is just that, short term... and really short term. Although I'd like to receive a check this tax season for an extra $300-$1,200 dollars I'd also like the dollar to buy 1.5 Canadian Dollars again or 1.2 Euros again. I'd like commodity inflation to stop. I'd like government to stop spending us into greater deficits as that makes life tougher for me in the future.

In the end, a little market slowdown vs. recession today means next to nothing to me compared to a stronger US economy 20-30 years from now. I believe Paul's reforms could bring us the latter and that will mean something significant to anybody despite their beliefs.

In addition to Paul's plan (linked above) I'd encourage you to take a look at his Campaign Blog and subscribe to it. It is updated roughly 5 times a day but it's an easy and enlightening read.

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