2007 - A Year In Review

/ Friday, January 11, 2008 /
Here's a quick synopsis of last year. What a year! It's amazing as you go about your day-to-day life you don't really see the amount of significant events unfold quite like you do when you look back on it all.

2007 ended up being a life changing year. It was full of joy and pain. I didn't even blog about everything but what I did touch on here is outlined below. I am so happy right now in my life that I can hardly express it. I look forward greatly to 2008 as it will be my first year as a married man.


January 2007 - A new year begins and I begin blogging again after a long lull. I then begin picking and tracking stocks again as I try to stay current in the business world. Finally I decide that I should make sure I'm healthy by seeing a dentist and a doctor for the first time in a long time.

February 2007 - I begin tracking all of my bowling statistics and start looking back on past NGS videos with fondness. Valentines Day with Flor went off great as did the championships of our softball league with Flor making the game winning catch. Ohh yeah, I finished my BA requirements.

March 2007 - Graduation! Decision to take multivitamins was made, as was a nice guys decision to get married. Got tired at work so I went on a vacation, Big Bear was great!

April 2007 - Tough month for the family, Grandma died but Flor got to meet my family. I did some bowling, got my first Dutch 200, and went green. Great news! I saved a ton of money on my car insurance... er, Student Loan.

May 2007 - A 299 game, a journey into Africa with my lady, and my diploma arrives. Stink! My car is broken into, luckily my first audio books weren't stolen. Cousin John leaves town.

June 2007 - Grandma's cat moves in, Kathleen visits SD, and Flor and I hit Reno & Yosemite in style. I was happy to take Flor golfing for the 1st time.

July 2007 - I bowled great in Reno and caught my cousin Jess' wedding. An important 1-year anniversary and family camp.

August 2007 - Took a trip to Dublin and Barry hits #756. Flor and I start cooking hard core stuff and I make some great cookies. How cool! My dad starts blogging.

September 2007 - Flor says yes! We take pictures and start our wedding website..

October 2007 - Fulfill lifelong dream and do some more bowling.

November 2007 - Amazingly I decide to enroll in Grad School. I'm getting an MBA and I spent the holiday with Flor's fam and with friends.

December 2007 - Christmas time again. and the wedding came so fast! The newest Mounts' celebrate Christmas together and then we spent time with family.

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