To Recap The Wedding: Part 1

/ Thursday, December 27, 2007 /
Wow, it's now Thursday December 27, 2007. A full two weeks ago I last wrote and since then I've had a bachelor's party, wedding, honeymoon, and Christmas. I have been stressed, sick, in love, and in utter joy. It's been a whirlwind of emotion and activity and now it's time to settle back into the routine. Before I do that however I must take a smidge of time to reflect on the happenings of the past 14 days.

Friday December 14th: I finished my last day of work before the wedding. It was an incredibly stressful day and I woke up sick on the day to top it off. I got so much stuff done at work and I never thought I'd make it out. Family flew in from all over the place and my Best Man Aaron threw me an amazing bachelor party complete with all the dudes decked out in suits, Hooters, the Bowling Alley, a limo, and swanky lounges downtown. It was quite a night. I even had a gigantic stuffed pink flamingo taped to my loins the entire evening. I will share a few pictures from the evening to illustrate and leave the rest of the evidence in my unlisted album. Enjoy! As always more in depth detail on the wedding can be found on our wedding website:

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