Thanksgiving with the Rodriguez's

/ Friday, December 7, 2007 /
A couple weeks ago now Flor and I spent our second Thanksgiving together, the first of our engaged lives though so it was a bit more meaningful as we now know that this is just one Thanksgiving of many to come. Of course no holiday is complete without a little illness and this was no exception. By the end of the night I started feeling under weather and by Saturday both Flor and I were on medication and eventually antibiotics. Pictures luckily were taken when we were still feeling good. Take a look:

Later that weekend, despite the illnesses, Flor and I experienced our very own wedding shower hosted by Flor's family at their church in LA. My mom made the day trip down for the event and we had a nice time. Many gifts were given to us which was very kind and unexpected. I don't know why but I just didn't expect gifts to be given. Anyway, later that night we traveled up to Fresno to get my dad sick and see him for the first time for the holidays. We did church and lunch on Sunday and then eventually started the long trip back to San Diego.

Crazy but we didn't get any pictures of the Shower, though Flor's LA Pastor did and we hope to get copies from him, and we didn't get any pics of Fresno with my family. I think we were just feeling lucky so we didn't think to capture the moment. :)

Anyway, that's that!

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