Christmas Time Is Here Again

/ Tuesday, December 11, 2007 /
Man time flys! I can hardly believe that Christmas has come again. Last year I wasn't blogging hardly at all but it was the first year I ever bought a Christmas Tree. Granted Aaron and I bought it together so I guess it was our first tree but now I get to say that this is my second tree and my first with Flor. :)

It's really great to be able to continually share new experiences as a couple even though we've been together for some time now. Anyway, last week I went out and picked up a tree late Wednesday night and then Thursday evening we stayed up and decorated it and our balcony. We also snapped some pictures and here they are your enjoyment.

Now whenever we go into our living room it feels so festive and happy. The tree really makes our place feel like a home.

For further picture pleasure the following are our pictures from last year decorating. Yes, Flor was there. We're now making it through our second round of holidays together. How fun!

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