Book Review: Heart In Atlantis by Stephen King

/ Wednesday, November 14, 2007 /
In my ongoing pursuit to revisit my Stephen King library and re-read some books that I first read as a child and read for the first time new King books I have come across Hearts In Atlantis for the first time. This is considered widely to be one of King's better books as it does not merely delve into fantastic stories but deals with real issues. I however was not impressed by much of the book but only part of it.

Hearts is written as a collection of short stories featuring many of the same characters throughout the course of their lives. The first story I enjoyed a lot and wanted more when it ended. The second was marginal and got mildly interesting when King decided to end it. The third story had the makings of a riveting novel but it was a micro story that ended before it began. The fourth story nearly put me to sleep as it didn't have a lot of story in it just driveling about war stories from a sad character that happened to show up in the first story. The fifth and final story was a bit better but I also found slightly pointless as well.

I don't even know what to say about them. I finished these books a month ago and finally decided to at least note it here in this blog. I don't even want to go into detail about these stories because I didn't care for them. I suppose that I just like King's usual style more than his artistic/academic style better. If you want a real review of this book then you can read this review as it pretty much sums up what I don't care to write. What I will say though is that I loved the huge tie in of "the beam" in the first story. "The Beam" is a central theme to the Dark Tower series which I'm currently reading and it was nice to get a large piece of it in this book. The first story in this book is worth reading just for that.

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