Colbert '08

/ Wednesday, October 17, 2007 /
So I am a regular viewer of The Daily Show followed by The Colbert Report on Comedy Central every night and I must say I've been slacking off this week as I haven't watched any of the episodes in about 3 or 4 days but as I was logging into my computer this morning I came across this article regarding my very own beloved Steven Colbert.
He has decided to enter the presidential race running as both a Republican and Democrat, possibly on the ticket as Colbert - Colbert. And on Tuesday's Colbert Report he finally officially announced his candidacy even one upping late-comer Fred Thompson. He of course will fill the void in the race as he states quite bluntly in an earlier interview in Sunday's New York Times:

"I am not ready to announce yet — even though it's clear that the voters are desperate for a white, male, middle-aged, Jesus-trumpeting alternative."

This wold is finally in for some truly good things. :)

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