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/ Friday, August 24, 2007 /

I haven't really been writing too much here in this blog over the past few weeks and I've gotten behind in all my pictures. The highlighted picture was a funny sign I saw at the Hillcrest Street Fair, which Flor, Rich, Nicole, and I went to a couple weeks ago. I thought it particularly funny because Aaron likes funny signs and it made me think of him. There you go Aaron, enjoy.

Last weekend Flor and I spent some QT with Rob and Michele. I scored awesome nosebleed tickets to the Padres game for a dollar off the ticket price through my work so the four of us hit the game full force. We started the day off with some Kebabs from The Kebab Shop, which is awesome by the way, and then hit the game for the afternoon. The Padres won off the strength of Greg Maddox's pitching... and hitting and it was a fine afternoon spent. We finally finished off the day sitting pool side at their place. Fun times and here are some of the pictures.

Later that night the folks came to town and we had some dinner. It's always nice when parents come to visit, at least in my world. I even took Monday off of work to spend the day with them. I didn't really get many pictures but I caught this one of them both outside of the Urban Grind right after lunch.

Anyway, I'm back at work now, on my lunch break, and I figure I'd share my little project that has kept me from writing more often these past few weeks. Monday evening Aaron joined me and my parents to photograph my dad. We took some corporate style shots that will be used for his new website. That's right I've been putting together the shell of my dad's very own dot com that he will be able to use for his ministry. If you are interested in visiting the site it is: http://www.stevemounts.com/. The site is still a work in progress but it's coming together quite nicely. Now it's just a matter of getting my dad more computer savvy and get his typing skills up to par. :) Hehe, he looks funny on a computer.

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