I Am A Culinary Genius

/ Tuesday, August 14, 2007 /
So Saturday afternoon Flor and I were loafing around the apartment watching TV and relaxing. We were feeling pretty good about staying in all day when I suddenly got the urge to bake some cookies. Now, if you know anything about me you'll know already that I have a love affair with baked goods and cookies rank high on my "baked goods list". I don't use those nasty box mixes either I build those cookies straight from scratch.

Anyway to prohibit myself from droning on about this too long I'll just summarize from hence forth. The cookies ended up coming out of the oven in perfect condition. Quite soft but not gooey, fluffy but not towering too high, chocolaty but still leaving plenty of the doughy goodness to savor between chips. Let's just say they were perfect and they looked gorgeous!

Aaron even thought so too and later that evening after he had finished his photo shoot for the day he set up his indoor studio and took some awe inspiring shots of my cookies, catching them in all their glory.

I now present them to you with one disclaimer. There are no more cookies left. Jeremy, Aaron, AJ, Rich, Flor, and Myself killed them off by yesterday evening. Sorry to tease your sweet tooth and then leave you wanting more but some things must be the way they are.

For more of Aaron's ridiculously good photography check out his blog and portfolio. He usually photographs beautiful women but sometimes he takes a break to photograph my food.

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