Gourmet Cooking For Two

/ Monday, August 13, 2007 /
So I came across an amazing blog a couple weeks ago written by a woman that's been cooking for many years. She provides weekly dinner menu's for two and provides exceptionally well organized directions for cooking the meals (not just the dishes) and provides a weekly shopping list for the weeks worth of meals. All of her dishes are seasonal and holiday appropriate and they for the most part allow for no waste, spoilage, or unused ingredients. basically with the exception of buying food at the store and cooking it we're talking no work at all on my part. :)

Anyway, Flor and I decided to try a week of following her menu and directions so on Friday we went to the store and bought a whole bunch of stuff and started cooking her meals. It takes us about an hour to prepare them however it should only take about 30 minutes, I guess we're still amateurs. The meals however have been amazing so far. We're talking real nice dishes with great variety and healthiness. We've had so far Salmon, Lamb Chops, Turkey Cutlets, and tonight we're having Pork Chops. That's some good meating... er, I mean eating. :) Check it out if you're interested. It's been great so far.

Thyme For Cooking

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