Vacationing in Missouri

/ Saturday, July 7, 2007 /
Well it's Saturday and Flor and I are here in Missouri finally for cousin Jess' wedding. Neither of us are feeling too great but we're not too bad either. Flor's been popping Benadril and Visine while I've been drinking tons of water and nursing general weakness and a lack of energy.

Anyway, today we'll be heading over to Jess' families house to see her as she gets ready for the wedding and then I'll be heading out bowling with the family. I'm looking forward to that because my uncle Paul should be there and I've never bowled with him before... that I can remember at least. Paul also is a bowler and a pretty decent one at that. He doesn't do tournaments or anything but he booked a 195 average this past year in league. Not bad.

The day today should be generally relaxing and fun as we mingle with family but this afternoon we will be taking a nice trip down memory lane as we make our first visit to my grandparents grave site. My grandpa has laid there since July 2004 and my grandma has laid there since April so it will be nice to finally see their resting places.

Tonight we will all be happy to see Jess and her new husband John tie the knot. I will have to take many pictures and post them to commemorate this occasion. For now, I'll go get ready for the day.

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