Two Birthdays and an Anniversary

/ Monday, July 9, 2007 /
This is my current favorite picture of Flor:

In other news Flor and I just got back from Missouri last night and it was quite a nice trip. I was not feeling great at the beginning of it but by Saturday I felt great. My family went out to a Japanese sushi and steakhouse for lunch after bowling and then we all spent the rest of the afternoon preparing for Jess and Johns wedding. Fun times that I'll have to go into more in detail later. I haven't even taken the time to unpack or take a look at all the pictures from the weekend.

The previous week however was a nice vacation-like week with the 4th of July and all. Amazingly I didn't get any pictures on the 4th of July as Flor and I stayed in for the most part all day. We were tired of being in the sun so we ate with AJ Buerer at IHOP around lunch time and then went shopping for Jess's wedding present until 2:30 or so. The rest of the day we hung out at home until early evening when we met up with the Tragers and Kelly for fireworks on Coronado Island. We showed up 30 minutes before the show; the show lasted 20 minutes; and it took us two hours to get off the island after the show. Needless to say we were in bumper-to-bumper traffic not moving at all for the longest time. Flor and I actually got out of the car and sat on fold-up beach chairs next to the car for a little more than an hour. I'll be honest, we were kind of gloating as we had told the Tragers beforehand that we'd be there forever if we went to Coronado. We didn't change their mind but I'm sure they were second guessing the decision as we sat around on Orange Ave. :)

Even earlier in the week though were two big days. Sunday the 1st was Flor and myself's 1st anniversary followed by my 27th birthday on Monday the 2nd. We've had a great year to say the least and we celebrated by going and spending time at Mission Bay with Mahina and company for her birthday party. Of course later on we went out shopping and celebrating that night but we pretty much kept it low key. Pictures from the Bay follow:

The next day on my birthday I found waiting for me in my dining room a power drill; an awesome gift from Flor for my birthday. I'm starting to get the manly itch to become a "tool man" so now my collection begins. What follows are a couple pictures of me using the drill for the first time and then hanging out at league later that night. We had a great week to say that's for sure.

I guess tonight or tomorrow I'll have to upload pictures from this weekend and recap it because it was a doosy.

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