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/ Tuesday, July 17, 2007 /
This weekend I went to family camp with my favorite lady and her family. I had a pretty good time but it could of been better. For starters, had I come away without catching a bacterial infection aka stomach bug I'd have been much happier.

Aside from that it was pretty nice. We stayed at a small camp ground in Tajunga Canyon North of Los Angeles. We roughed it in a cabin with bunk beds and an air conditioner. To our defense the in-room shower had no hot water and the air conditioner was past its prime. It was pretty hot even with it running full blast the whole time. Anyway, after enjoying our time in services and in bed and in the food line we all had to find something to do, myself included. So we strapped it on for a game of soccer! I shudder thinking that I actually played soccer in 95 degree weather. I don't even like soccer! Well, I still don't like soccer but it was fun. My team won and I even scored a goal! That's pretty impressive considering this was the Hispanic Nazarene District's family camp and everyone else has been paying soccer their whole lives.

By the end of the game I almost died though. I'm a desk jockey and all that running around in intense heat almost made me sick. Maybe it did too. Later that day I started to feel the effects of my stomach ailment which has kept me out of commission ever since. I didn't even go to work today and I think I'll stay home tomorrow too.

Anyway, since we've been back I've just been nursing myself back to health and playing a lot of Civilization IV. I've got a great game going right now. I'm hoping to win via domination before 2000AD. Should be interesting to see if I make it for all the Civ nerds out there.

This is where I'd probably post the pictures from the weekend but unfortunately my camera finally broke and is out of commission. I bought my Kodak DX3600 roughly 7 years ago. It was a 2.2 megapixel camera and it was awesome. Now Flor's phone is a 2.0 megapixel camera so mine pretty much sucks and now it is dead, so until I get a new one I'll be picturless. Later.

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