Photography, Videos, and Directing The Sun

/ Tuesday, July 24, 2007 /
I try to keep myself busy. Lately I've found that I'm finding it a lot less enjoyable to just sit around the house watching TV or something of the like. As many of my friends and family can attest I have immersed myself into many other things such as a girl friend, a full time job, an awful lot of bowling, a lot of traveling, I've even had some stints of dancing thrown into the mix as well as my trip back to school this past winter to finish up my long overdue undergraduate degree (which I got by the way). I've also spent a lot of time with my business partner, friend, and roommate Aaron to do video projects for schools, musicians, churches, and weddings. But not only that but I help Aaron out with his photography business which is sort of a subdivision of NGS Media our San Diego wedding video company. What do I do in this position you might ask?

I direct the sun! I am the official NGS Director Of The Sun. I cause the sun shed light wherever Aaron needs it. :) Pretty cool huh?

This past weekend I helped Aaron photograph a model for the calendar he's working on. It's a fund raiser to benefit breast cancer awareness and the 3-Day. Here is a quality shot Aaron got of me while on the job. Just look at me! Who else could look that good while directing sun? No one.

Brian working for Aaron Riveroll Photography as an assistant on location

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