/ Sunday, July 22, 2007 /
Ohh my gosh! I almost forgot that Aaron, Flor, and myself went to a baseball game Friday. The weekend has seemed so long and it's only Sunday morning. I continually remind myself every time I do something cool right after work on a Friday night that it makes the weekend seem twice as long and extremely worthwhile.

Anyway, you can see Aaron's blog for his take on the game or just take a look at the pictures.

I gotta say the game was a lot of fun and we got cool visors. The Padres played pretty good but they couldn't finish the job as they left runners on base all night. I think they had something like 13 men left on base. With stats like that they deserved to lose. Box Score

The game also brought to mind our failed attempt to watch the Padres - Red Sox game a few weeks back. It seems that we didn't learn our lesson because until 4pm I didn't know I'd be at the game. We got lucky. I guess the Red Sox are a bigger draw to local fans than the Phillies. -Shrug-

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