Models, Bowling Tournaments, and Visiting Yosemite

/ Friday, June 8, 2007 /
Today is my last day of work until the 18th of the month. I couldn't be any happier than I am right now! I do have some random things that I have to get done before the days over today but man that just doesn't sound too bad considering my reward.

I'll be enjoying myself tomorrow as Flor and I head out to the beach in the afternoon to frolic in the sun and waves and to help out my good friend, Sir Aaron Riveroll, aka Sir Fat, with the reflector as he photographs a model, the lovely Jennie Trabert. Sunday, I'll be checking out a condo up for auction that I might be interested in if the price is right and then Monday through Wednesday I'll be in Reno bowling followed by a day or two Visiting Yosemite National Park, some visiting with family probably, and finally a couple days of peace back in San Diego before everything kicks off again.

I'm looking forward to everything equally. I'm even looking forward to the drive to Reno, crazy I know. I picked up two audio books from the La Mesa branch Library the other day to enjoy on the ride up. I'm sure I'll finish at least one this week so I'll have at least one book review coming up again if not two.

I'll also be heading up to San Diego Bowling Supply on Saturday to pick up four of my five new bowling balls that I got used off of Vic Florie a couple weeks ago. These balls are replacing the balls stolen out of my car last month in LA and should make a nice addition to my arsenal. Just in time too, they're going to be ready two days before USBC Nationals so I'll have to report back on how things go. Anyway, that's enough rambling for now. I guess I'm just looking forward to the week ahead more than even I thought I would. I am happy right now.

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