How To Sew A Button - My First Try

/ Thursday, June 28, 2007 /
I have lived away from home for about nine years. I moved out of the house and into my college dorm room in August of 1998 and since that day I have never had to patch an article of clothing nor attach a replacement button on anything I own. There was one time that a friend of mine, Rebekah Perkins, attached a button to a shirt for me but I personally have never had to do it.

Today, things will change. I have a pair of pants and a jacket with a button on each that has fallen off and I have a pair of pants with a hole in the pocket and I am tired of putting up with it! 10 years ago if one were to want to learn how to sew a button you would have to look around for a friend to show you how; now things are easier. YouTube. What else needs to be said. I learned 3 months ago how to tie a Windsor Knot and now I've learned to mend my buttons and seams. Tomorrow my wardrobe will sing!

How To Sew A Button On

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