First Beach Trip Of The Year & Pictures Of Cutie

/ Friday, June 1, 2007 /
Monday was Memorial Day. I love holidays. They mean I get a day off of work and I get to do something very pleasurable. This year's Memorial Day was no exception. I did however end up having to get up at the crack of dawn to take my newest roommate, Cutie, to Petco to get her long-haired fur trimmed. She is a beautiful cat, about 15 years old, and my inheritance from my grandparents. I couldn't be more pleased with having her around. Anyway, she's been living with me since Mid-April and in that time I've taken her to the vet to get her rabies booster and now to Petco Groomers to get her bathed and trimmed. The trimming is really to alleviate the matted hair that has been accumulating over the years on her underside. She looked great before so I was hesitant to cut her hair but there was no way I could brush her hair out so I took some before pictures of her to compare with what I assumed would be hysterically funny after pictures. Sure enough I was right.

I know my uncle Paul Mounts has been anxious to see some pictures of Cutie as he and Cathy have many cats of their own, I'm sure they will miss seeing Cutie in person from time to time so these pictures are for them. :)

Flor and I picked her up from Petco around 2:30 Monday afternoon and had a good laugh at her cuteness / funny looks. She's so skinny. Anyway from there we rushed to gather our things and hit the beach before it got to late. We went and picked up our stuff at my place and hers and picked up friends and stuffed the trunk and went to the deli to pick up sandwiches and finally made it to the beach by 5pm. Luckily it was so late that people were already leaving and we found parking right up close.

The water was not to bad. We ate and tossed a football around and frolicked a bit in the shallow surf and eventually just sat in the slightly overcast sun. It was a fun 2 hours spent before it got cold and we packed up to go home. Pictures from our afternoon can be found below this text for your viewing pleasure. Sorry I'm so white. It's my first true beach trip of the year.

2007 - Memorial Day Beach Trip

Hope you too had a good Memorial Day!

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