Our Amazing Yet Complicated Bodies

/ Thursday, May 3, 2007 /
I really enjoy reading Healthbolt.net as that blog continually digs up very interesting medical stories every day. Two stories linked to today I found particularly interesting. I had a Windows Vista moment after reading them both. Wow!

The first article was Treating The Dead. This is about recent discoveries pointing to heart attack victims not dying because of lack of oxygen to the cells for 10-15 minutes but dying because of the reintroduction of oxygen to the cells after 10-15 minutes. This is kind of like when you sit on your leg for a bit and then get up. Your leg is weak for a spell and then you get the pins and needles feeling. If it's bad you can hardly stand let alone walk. Its the reintroduction of oxygen to cells that have been deprived.

The second is the discovery of a Gene Linked to Longer Life Span. This gene is activated in adults (animals) when the subject has a restricted caloric diet. The animal must not be starved but the amount of food eating must be 50% less than average. In clinical studies animals of various types have been found to live up to 40-50% longer lives when this gene is activated. Tests are currently going on in primates and if proven in primates could bode well for humans. I've been reading CRON Diary regularly and she voluntarily restricts her calories in an attempt to add years to her life. This gene discovery is an interesting scientific argument backing up her lifestyle and the lifestyle of calorie restriction.

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