The Merits of the San Diego County Library System

/ Wednesday, May 16, 2007 /
I've always been a slow and steady reader of books. In my youth I would read a lot and in my adolescence I read a fair amount and in my early adult years I've read a little but even now I've always been able to put a book down every couple months at least but I've always wanted to do more reading... I just never sit down to push through books any faster. What's a guy to do?

I was talking with my friend Josh Saddler about a month ago as he and his wife came to my apartment for a visit. Josh works at the San Diego County Library in La Mesa and he was educating Flor and myself on the merits of the San Diego County Library system. After some devil's advocacy Flor and I surprised him by stopping by the library a week later to get our library cards. I don't think he actually expected us to stop by.

What sold me was the idea of checking out audio books to listen to during my commute to and from work. I drive on average about 20 minutes to and from work 5 days a week. That adds up to 3 hours 20 minutes every week and 10 hours every 3 weeks, which is the duration of library checkout times. 10 hours plus additional incidental drive time is plenty to push through many books and would get me going through a book on average in every 3 weeks without ever sitting down to additional conventional reading time.

In the last month I've "read" Stephen King's Desperation and have begun a new book that I've been meaning to read for some time now, Levitt and Dubner's Freakonomics. I believe that this is going to get me really going on books again and I think I'm going to take some time to start chronicling the books I read here in a book review of sorts. Above all it would be nice to remember what I've read and what it was about as I tend to forget those types of things over time.

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