Journey Into Africa

/ Wednesday, May 2, 2007 /
Last week I took a couple vacation days to have some time to relax without any obligations. Unfortunately Flor was studying for a mid-term but that didn't keep her from stepping away from the books for a bit herself.

Tuesday, the 24th, we slept in and drove North to the Wild Animal Park. I had never been there before and as it turns out I've never been anywhere close to the place before. It was like I wasn't in San Diego anymore... I even saw signs for Ramona on the road so maybe we weren't in San Diego anymore, who knows. Anyway, Flor and I got there pretty late, which is fine by us. We had lunch and hit the park somewhere around 2:30 in the afternoon giving us about 2 1/2 hours to walk around.

Let me be frank. I love my annual Zoo membership! We got in for free, less $6.00 to park, and we got in line for the Journey Into Africa Tour, also free with membership. Cool!

Anyway, after walking up and waiting about 10 minutes our tram came around the bend and drove us all through the park. We saw angry Cheetah's hissing at the tram, big muddy hippos rolling in the mud, big ostriches threatening a bunch of hoofed unicorn-like animals, Giraffes, elephants, everything. It was awesome!

We ended up finishing the day by walking around the park a bit and getting really close to a Big Cat of some kind. I love the Big Cats. All said it was a great day spent in the sun and among the many amazing creatures that we never encounter in day-to-day life. We ended up taking a few pictures and here they are.

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