A funny piece of mail...

/ Thursday, May 10, 2007 /
I got a funny piece of mail yesterday. I carefully opened it up slid the single sheet of thick paper out. Knowing what it was the entire time I made sure to not bend any corners or tear and sides. I flipped the sheet of paper around and looked at at it as I held it in both hands. A funny smile crossed my face as I couldn't decide whether I was happy or amused.

Flor watched the whole thing from behind and when I turned to her she had the most curious look on her face I've ever seen. I flipped the paper towards her and flashed my diploma for the first time.

Later on as I was going to bed I glanced down to my desk and I saw the diploma sitting there just like any other piece of junk mail or scratch paper would and I laughed out loud as I finally realized that I wasn't happy I was amused. I worked for that one random piece of paper for 5 years and then 3 years later finished earning it. All together it cost somewhere around $100,000 to get that piece of paper and it just nonchalantly came to my room and sat on my desk with no fanfare via the USPS & Jeremy White as he diligently gets the mail and sorts it in our apartment every day.

Too funny. I guess it's time to cellebrate though. Maybe a small party is in store. :)

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