Cousin John & My Old Dad

/ Tuesday, May 29, 2007 /
It's been a couple weeks now since Cousin John moved away from San Diego. I can't help but think that it's too bad that he won't be around any longer to call needing a ride somewhere or show up at my door and ask for gas money. For some strange reason I will miss these little nuances of my cousin. It is good however that he's gone because he was only here because of the Marines and now his tour is over and he's safe once again here in the civilian world.

My parents came down the weekend before Cousin John flew back home on the 5th of May (my dad's birthday) to be with his girl and family. We went out to Sea World and had a good time. Pictures from the day can be found below. I really enjoyed the manatees and the dolphin show and the above picture of my dad is one of my all time favorites. Doesn't he look happy to be 55! He got into the park on a senior ticket! :)

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