Book Review: Desperation by Stephen King

/ Thursday, May 17, 2007 /
I just finished reading Stephen King's Desperation in my car via audio book. It took me about 23 days. This was my first book read through audio book and I loved it. I think I'll be pushing through a lot of books in the coming months because of them.

Desperation is about a group of people that are brought together against their will by a cop possessed by a devilish spirit named Tak. We don't learn of this until a good way into the book, we just think the cop is crazy.

The group of people are from all walks of life and have nothing in common aside from unfortunate circumstances and they end up being led by an 11 year old boy who is a close follower of God. God leads the child and the child lead the adults in putting the evil spirit back to rest deep below the surface of the earth.

Like all King books, this one is relatively simple to explain in a paragraph or two but delves in to fantastic detail and holds you for hours on end. I enjoyed the book a lot though not as much of some of King's other books. I am now interested to read King's The Regulators as this is somewhat of a companion book to Desperation as it is set in the same location at the same time as Desperation but on a different plane or dimension. I look forward to seeing how the two books correlate and deviate.

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