Wolfowitz And His Girlfriend

/ Tuesday, April 17, 2007 /
I must admit that I haven't quite caught up on current events during the week of my trip to Missouri but I just read this post that sums up a lot of the corruption scandal at the World Bank regarding Wolfowitz and his girlfriend.

Apparently he went around routine HR practices to secure his girlfriend a $60,000 annual tax-free raise and prescribed annual 8% tax-free raises going forward amounting to huge sums of tax-free money. This becomes particularly scandalous because he is a Bush appointee and the president of the World Bank whose primary mission is to provide loans and banking services to poor and underdeveloped countries, countries which are typically troubled with large amounts of corruption and poverty.

Anyway, it a lot to read and I haven't even taken it all in yet but this is much more interesting and news-worthy than all this Imus In The Morning garbage.

Side note: I can't believe Imus got Time's cover. Ugh!

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