Visiting Grandma One Last Time

/ Wednesday, April 18, 2007 /
Last week I traveled by car with Flor to Springfield, MO to see family and attend my grandmothers funeral. Man was that funeral tough for me. Most of the entire family was with her in the last days and many were there as she passed but I was here in San Diego. I also had to drive out so I didn't get there until Sunday morning, Easter morning, and I didn't get to visit her at the funeral parlor like I did for my grandfather. I think that really would have helped prepare me. Monday noon was her funeral, it was open casket and I got to see her one last time. I just about broke down looking at her, it was awful tough for me. I held my sister as we said goodbye and kissed Flor's hand as she stood by my side. I just wish she could have met Flor. After the funeral we went out to The Missouri Veterans Cemetery at Springfield and laid her to rest next to my grandfather. It was a very emotional moment for me and it is even now as I write about it.

The rest of our time in Springfield was spent with family. Flor and I stayed with my Uncle Dan and Aunt Beth and my parents and sister stayed with my Uncle Ken and Aunt Mary. Cousin Josh, Heather, Jess, & Dylan were all there. It was the first time I've seen all my cousins at the same time in years. It was also really nice to see and talk to my Uncle Paul and Aunt Cathy as I don't get to see them very often. All in all it was really nice to bond a little with family and introduce Flor to everyone. It seems as though everyone accepted her right away and she wasn't turned off by them either... after all, we're all pretty weird. :) Mary put it best when she said "of course she's not freaked out by the entire family, shes with Brian. If you can handle Brian you can handle the Mounts'".

We were only in Springfield for 2 days the remainder of the week was spent driving. It took Flor and myself 2 days to get there and 3 days to get back. We drove about 3500 miles and nearly doubled the amount of states that Flor had been too. I knew she'd like Missouri and I think she did. We had bad weather for most of our driving too. A snow storm in New Mexico, rain in Arizona and Oklahoma, a dust storm in California, and wind the whole way. We took some pictures and had a good time in the car. We even stopped at some interesting land marks such as the worlds largest McDonald's which is a bridge on top of on Oklahoma freeway, the largest cross in the Western Hemisphere, and the Great Continental Divide. Cool stuff.

To cap the recap off I would have to also mention the new addition to my household that we brought along with us. Grandma left behind a sweet long haired grey calico cat which is now currently residing at NGS East 2.0 out in La Mesa. Her name is Cutie Britches. How about that huh, I now have a cat named Cutie Britches. :) She's really great but she needs a good trim. In the days ahead I'm going to schedule her for a bath and trim. I'll definitely have to take pictures. Anyway, that's about it for my trip to Missouri. I'll miss you Grandma.

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