Downsizing my stuff, er, crap...

/ Wednesday, April 25, 2007 /
I've been telling myself for the past few months to go on a mission to purge much of the stuff I own. I just have too much stuff! The past month has been pretty good but I haven't been really diligent about purging so I'm going to make a renewed effort in the coming month. In fact I'd like to have a significant amount of junk removed from my apartment by the end of May. I swear I'll get it done.

Over at My Money Blog Jonathan posted about this same thing yesterday and he got a lot of comments regarding methodology of the planned purge and a lot of tips from readers on how to manage the purge. I think I'm going to use some of these tips and see how good I can do. I'll have to remember to recount my purge by the end of May and see how much progress I've made.

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