Can Too Much Zinc Make You Tired?

/ Tuesday, March 13, 2007 /
It's been a very busy time at work for me as of late. Today is no exception. This is the first time all day I took to relax a bit. I feel tired and beat up, which leads me to my subject question.

As I've begun to think more about my own health I've decided to delve into the practice of taking multivitamins and I have found that I am still feeling tired.

To satisfy my curiosity as to why I'm tired for no good reason I began poking around online and compiled the following information.

Zinc helps adults to get over colds in about 50% of the time they normally would.

Over the last week or so Flor has had a cold so I have been taking a daily zinc lozenge and a vitamin c pill in hopes of not getting a strong cold.

According to the above link, Zinc blocks the body from using Copper which allows the body to absorb Iron and an Iron deficiency is what causes fatigue in many people because, and I quote the above linked site:

With insufficient iron, adenosine triphosphate (ATP; the fuel the body runs on) cannot be properly synthesized. As a result, some iron-deficient people can become fatigued even when they are not anemic.


Interestingly enough Flor has been teaching me all about ATP and how the body needs it to run efficiently so this jumped out at me.

Anyway, continuing on I decided to read the labels of my goods I've been taking and what do I find?

I find that As I've been taking a zinc lozenge and getting zinc from my multivitamin I now have 38mg of Zinc coming in every day compared to my minimum requirement of 11mg. This amounts to an approximate 3.5:1 ratio. I would hope that my copper ratio is the same but it is not. I'm getting 2mg compared to my minimum requirement of .9mg, a ratio of 2:1. That means that all that zinc is canceling out more copper and I'm consequently not absorbing Iron properly... right?

I think so at least.

Digging deeper I find that the multivitamin has no Iron in it at all so I'm poorly absorbing what little Iron I get by eating my sub sandwiches at lunch and my body is responding by not synthesizing my ATP properly and in turn making me feel fatigued.

To top all that off I also find that my tube of Airbourne to also help fight a cold before it comes also has Zinc in it compounding the problem even further. Whew! That was tiring all by itself.

OK, so long story short I guess I need to take in less zinc or take in more copper and iron. Maybe then I will start feeling more refreshed.

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