Weekend Update and a Bad Bowling Excursion

/ Wednesday, March 14, 2007 /
This past weekend was a weekend that contained a few first for me along with some entertaining moments, tragedy, and peaceful relaxation. First of all Aaron and I went out Saturday afternoon to Balboa Park and spent the day with another Nice Guy, Daniel Harrison and his fiance. We took their engagement photos and generally had a great time. Aaron tells me the photos came out great but I haven't seen more than just a few. Attached to the right is one of the pictures from the day that I've seen. I just ripped it straight from Aaron's public gallery.

Later on we picked up Flor and we all headed out to Casa de Pico for an evening of drinks and dinning. I had my very first Bloody Mary and I liked it as I am a big fan of Tomato Juice. We had a great time and I am happy to finally say that I know Channin. Until this weekend I had never met Danny's finance and I was starting to wonder if she was a real person. :)

After the evening festivities Flor and I met up with the Tragers for a first for me. We all went out to the drive-in theatre and watch 300. It was an incredible movie; a delight even. Probably the most artistic war movie I've ever seen and beautiful. The drive-in experience was pretty amazing too. I really enjoyed it but the next time I take Flor out there I will insist on coming in our own car as we were very cramped in the back seat for a long time. It's tough on your back! Regardless we did have a good time as always with the Tragers.

Sunday morning I got up really early (on daylight savings morning too, ugh!) and drove up to Mira Mesa Bowl in North San Diego with Flor. I bowled in the annual San Diego USBC Masters Tournament. Flor manned the camcorder for the trip but luckily for me the camera battery was almost dead so she wasn't able to film more than 3 frames. Why is this lucky you may ask. It's because I bowled about as bad as I've ever bowled before. The three frames she captured can be found in the below video and as you'll notice I didn't get a strike in any of the frames and I left two splits. This pretty much summed up the entire day. I shot a -230 for 6 games or a 161 average. Yes the shot was tough but frankly I just stunk and have no excuse.

Anyway, after getting that awful bowling behind me I made the same conclusion I always come to after an outing like this. I decide to quit bowling for good. Of course a couple hours later I was already thinking about my next bowling event so at least I can say I get over my problems quickly. :)

The rest of the day Flor and I relaxed at home. She studied while I played CIV IV. Man, I love that game! All in all this was a nice relaxing conclusion to an exciting weekend filled with many events. And that was my weekend update, it was an enjoyable experience spent with an array of good fiends. I can even now say that Danny's fiance Channin actually exists. :0 Until next time...

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