Really, Really, Old

/ Monday, March 19, 2007 /
Ever since I was young I wanted to grow to be really old. I've always wanted to live well into my hundreds but kind of stopped thinking much about it until recently but I still can't help to be compelled to 'try' to live really long. I came across this article on BBC linked from the Healthbolt. The article tells the tale of a man turning 116 today and how he thinks he got to be that old.

"Hryhoriy, who still has a full head of hair, says that being single has kept him feeling young. He recommends a diet of milk, cheese and potatoes as well as the occasional shot of vodka."

How about that, huh? Who knew it was so easy? ...ohh yeah, he also worked on a farm until he turned 100. That hard labor probably kept him fit too. Maybe it isn't that easy after all.

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