How To Calculate Your Daily Nutritional Requirements

/ Wednesday, March 7, 2007 /
I recently have been thinking a bit about my body and it's composition as it relates to my health and though I think I'm a pretty healthy guy I can't help but wonder how I might be healthier.

I've been visiting a site recently called I've found it really interesting and informative. I'd recommend to anyone to check it out at least.

Anyway, they have a tool on their site called ND's Daily Needs Calculator. This calculator asks for your sex, age, height, weight, and activity status (sedentary, somewhat active, active and very active) and they calculate what your rough Body Mass Index is, your daily calories burned is, and your recommended minimum daily nutritional needs are.

According to them after plugging in: 26, Male, 73 Inches, 145lbs, and "somewhat active" they say my BMI is 19.1, I burn 2,702 calories in the average day, and I need the the contents of the table to the right every day.

So what does this mean to me... well not a huge amount. Mostly I just find it interesting. I'm thinking about trying a one-a-day multivitamin. They seem to cover all of these for the most part. Some nutrients are slightly lacking compared to this chart but some are more plentiful. Regardless, it's probably better than continuing to take nothing at all. :)

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