Joost - I can't wait.

/ Friday, March 2, 2007 /
OK, so I subscribe to a TIME Magazine RSS feed and today I read this article about the upcoming online site Joost. If you haven't heard about Joost it's because the site is still in beta mode and won't be open to the public until this summer but you might have heard of The Venice Project... maybe not though. Anyway, The Venice Project has been renamed Joost by the online web software guys that originally created Kazaa and then followed that up with Skype. These guys have proved that they can put together very popular and meaningful web content for the every day person. Joost will probably be just as awesome and I can't wait to try it out.
They will be bringing normal TV to your computer via the Internet in an old fashioned TV kind of way. There will be Chanel's that you can just mindlessly watch with programs that you'd normally watch only from your living room couch. There will be no purchasing of TV shows, there will be no sifting through random 2 minute use generated videos and there will be far less commercials than we would catch on the boob tube, about 3 minutes worth per hour according to the attached TIME article. And best of all the whole thing will be free. There will be no subscription fees, no hardware to buy or software to buy. Awesome! I can't wait. I just signed up for beta access so I'll check back when I get to try it out.

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