Blessed Hero Economists

/ Wednesday, February 21, 2007 /
OK so my girl friend lost her purse today and was going to cancel all of her cards and accounts and phone plans and not be able to swear in as a new American citizen like she intended to do tomorrow morning. I had to buy her gas and lunch because she had no access to money and the world was crumbling but all this was before a savior came into her life. Of course who would that savior be? Not a super hero, not a burly manly-man, not Mr. Rico Suave, not a Christian Evangelist, not even an ethics professor. It was an economist. You wouldn't have expected it unless your were really thinking clearly. Economists save the world every day already! :) Thankfully the Prof. James D. Hamilton of UCSD's Department of Economics stepped in to save the day. he found the purse and has returned it swiftly and safely to the woman I love. Thank you James!

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