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/ Wednesday, January 24, 2007 /
So I haven't been to the dentist in quite a while so I thought I'd make an appointment today for sometime next week. As I was thinking about this I figured I should make an appointment to see a general doctor too seeing as though I've only been to one once in the last 6 years or so.

The thoughts on the doctor however were also inspired by an article in Best Life magazine, which I subscribe to. This is by far my favorite magazine these days by the way. Anyway, the article was entitled "The Best Medical Tests For Men". The article featured many different tests you should have performed in your thirties, forties, and fifties. It briefly described the tests and informed how often they should be performed.

I thought this was an excellent article but it mentioned nothing of a man in his twenties. I of course went on-line but I have been shocked to find that there is hardly anything on the subject matter for men at all let alone men in their twenties. I've found that most site say you should live a healthy lifestyle and see your doctor but nothing seems to say what I should see my doctor about. I don't even know what has been done to me in the past to checkup on!

I did however find the following on MebMD for health tests in all decades of life and descriptions of them all. They should be helpful even though some of these pages are designed for women.

I'm just going to have to start trying to formulate my own health maintenance regimen without the help of a to-do list guide. Stink. Anyway, I guess it's worth it, and maybe he'll magically make my neck stop hurting. The following are WebMDs health tests by decade:

Health tests in your 20s and 30s
Health tests in your 40s
Health tests in your 50s
Health tests in your 60s and up
Medical Tests A-Z

Tests for the thirties according to BestLife Magazine include:

  • Fasting Blood Glucose (Once a year), 
  • HIV ELISA/Western Blot (Once every 5 years), 
  • Testicular Exam (Monthly Self-Exam), 
  • Body Mass Index (Once every 3 years), 
  • High-Sensitivity CRP & Homocysteine Test (Every 5 years), 
  • Full Lipid Profile (At least once every 5 years), 
  • Blood Pressure (Once a year), 
  • and a Dental Exam (Twice a year). 

Further tests suggested by WebMD include:

Looks like this will keep me busy at the doctor for a while. :)

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